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#GooglePlus to introduce #SmallBusiness profiles

July 6, 2011

Google has indicated that they plan to include the option for business profile pages on their new social network Google+. Although Google+ has had some difficulties since it was launched last week, the social network is considered to be a new rival for Facebook. It includes many of Google’s products and allows users to create distinct circles of contacts to share information with.

Google currently offers ‘Google Places’ which lets businesses to create a listing on Google Maps to allow potential customers to find businesses when searching the maps. “As a small business owner, you may have just groaned,” wrote Lisa Barone of Small Business Trends in reference to Google+’s plan to incorporate SMB Business Profiles. Google+ may just seem like another social network that businesses will need to join in order stay on the top of trends and get their name out there. However, many bloggers assume that Google will integrate Places with Google+, making it easier for small businesses to manage their social media.

“If Google can make it work the way Facebook hasn’t been able to, they solidify themselves as the one-stop-shop for small business owners. If Google can put that Twitter-like functionality into one integrated Google+/Place page, then that becomes interesting as a small business owner. Instead of a profile, you get a living, breathing page that you can use to interact with customers and have them maybe interact back. SMBs get a real social portal.” said Greg Sterling, founding principal of Sterling Market Intelligence (SMI), a consulting and research firm.

Google+ is still in its testing phase, meaning only a limited number of people have access to the services. However, it shouldn’t be long before they make the network available to everyone.


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